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Monday, December 05, 2005

Engineermunn Announces Plans for His 2006 Season

Upper Thomson, Singapore - After completing his first half marathon at the annual Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon yesterday, Engineermunn has announced that his 'professional' races in the 2006 season would consist of mostly half marathons and Olympic distance triathlons.

"I am on track with my progressive and incremental distances when I race. I started off with the 10km distance in 2004. This year, it was mainly sprints and then the penultimate half marathon yesterday. I have achieved what I had set out when I first began in this endurance endeavour", Engineermunn told the Trifam Times. "I might throw in a half ironman distance sometime towards the end of the year, in line with achieving my Ironman dreams in 2007 or 2008", reassured Engineermunn who was quelling rumours from a certain media celebrity that he did not 'look like an Ironman'.

Newbies have been rejoicing at this piece of news as they have recently been feeling very intimidated by the very rapid and sometimes crazy races that members of Trifam are embarking on. One of the members who only wants to be identified as Seng Chiow said, "Lucky I now can train properly. All those guys say jump means jump. I cannot lah. Must train properly. I still want to enjoy my races. Now, Engineermunn decide to do half marathons, I can still tahan lah. We will not run lonely anymore!"

When asked why he wants to just concentrate on half marathons, Engineermunn said that he would like to know that he can improve on his 21.1km distances first before taking the big leap, adding that his motto has always been "Slow and Steady, Everything in Moderation". "I know when I'll be ready for a full distance in the sanest of ways. Don't worry, I'll get there." Engineermunn reassured his rousing fans from Phillips, Toyomi and KDK.


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