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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mythos To Retire Early From Endurance Sports, Shock Disclosure By Sengkang Resident

Sengkang, Singapore - Following reports of his team-mate's strategy for the 2006 season, Mythos made a shocking press release of his early retirement from the multi-sport scene. "I will quit training altogether. I have competed and completed too many races for 2005. I am satisfied with my peak performance", said Mythos, who is also known as David in the non-sporting scene.

Reporters probed if his early retirement was due to a nagging injury, of which Mythos replied,"My hamstring has been bothering me since Day One. I've seen so many doctors, sinsehs, massage parlours, aunties, uncles, small boys and girls for their advice but nothing seems to be working. Something is not right. I should just listen to my body and quit the sport altogether."During the press release statement, fans of Mythos were rooting for him to make a comeback scene in the likes of Michael Jordan who left the Chicago Bulls, only to return to the NBA scene soonafter. A fan with a large tube of sunblock was heard quoting,"I think he will return to race. Mythos has been my idol since the New Balance Aquathlon. We have the same name, you know?"

His team-mates were equally surprised at the shock announcement. Edkor was nonetheless suffering from initial shock,"Now when I jump, I don't know who will jump with me." as rap tunes from KrisKros was playing in the background. "But I think I can convince him to return to the sport".

Sports critics are viewing this as a wise strategy of Mythos, and are not ruling out that Mythos will return in a matter of 2 months with a new name. "He might return as Myfingers, Mynails, or Myhum", a spokesman was heard saying. Doctors were unable to be reached for comment as most of them have given up telling Mythos about his hamstring problem.


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