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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Comments from Nemo and Soloist Opens Can of Worms

Tampines North, Singapore - Recent developments in the literary scene within the Trifam community has seen a upward trend in interest over the possibility of a Trifam magazine. First mooted by Soloist and then backed up by his liberal compatriot, Nemo, comments were rife when news broke out about the retirement of Mythos from the endurance sports scene.

Observers have noted that the magazine would be a good idea for the ever-increasing club but are skeptical if it would be sustainable. Conservative experts also say that this would actually have a negative impact on the community. "It creates a phobia amongst writers to 'shine'. Having a Trifam magazine would actually stifle the creativity of budding writers within the community. It is better to concentrate on what Trifam is all about, and that is to train and have fun doing multisports activities," a spokesperson from Triathletes Against Writing (TAW) said. "Writing in the forum is good enough and there is freedom of speech. The notion of a magazine or any published article is a turn-off."

The news has also affected Engineermunn badly, forcing him to seek political and literary asylum. Intelligence agencies have not been able to contact Engineermunn but he is believed to be hiding in the confines of his toilet. Reports from his doctor state that Engineermunn is suffering from a severe bout of 'stomach upset'.

Meanwhile, the authenticity of news regarding Mythos' retirement is under heavy scrutiny. Mythos has come out of his shell claiming, "This is all nonsense! I will never quit!". Psychologists from IMH were called in to verify his sanity. "I will also challenge IMIM and Edkor! If I quit, they better carry out what they said they would do!" Mythos proclaimed as he was fitted into a straightjacket for further tests.


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