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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Medical Experts Baffled By Mythos' 360 Degree Focus

Sengkang, Singapore - Medical experts in the field of sports madness are baffled by the progress of Mythos' recovery. Reports some weeks ago indicate that Mythos should be resting his humstring for further prolong action by the end of 2006. However, experts are seeing signs that Mythos is not heeding conventional healing methods of sports recovery. Instead, Mythos is embarking on a "somewhat 360 degree change in injury management", qouted a sports physiologist, Dr. Ayyamkoo Khoo. "Mythos has been known to attempt triathlons and extraordinary feats of extra human proportions within a short span of a few weeks, but he is suddenly itchy to have a game, or even two, of ping pong! Something is not right! Especially so when the physical exertion level, gear requirements, physiological movement, mental endurance and nutritional requirements are totally different! I mean, you don't need Power Gel for Ping Pong!", chuckled Dr Khoo.

Medical scientists at the local mental infirmary are scrambling to find a secret code to unlock the mystery of Mythos recent wayward activities. Meanwhile, doctors, patients and caregivers are conducting an in-house sweepstakes and charity fundraiser to place their bets on what would Mythos do next. Called the WWMD (What Would Mythos Do, or Wahlao Weapons of Mass Destruction), punters are betting high on the most unlikeliest activities such as chess, javelin, synchronise swimming, gymnastics floor exercise, and tic-tac-toe.

The current odds are that Mythos will take up Map-reading skills next.


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