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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Local GDP Shoots Up, Thanks To Trifamers

Holland Grove, Singapore - The news is official: Trifamers are contributing significantly to the Singapore economy and the gross national product (GDP) is set to increase a few percent for the 4th Quarter. Minister of Gear Purchases, Mr. Its Money Its Mine, said,"Trifamers are spending a fair bit of their salaries in getting their toys this year. Every weekend, I am summoned by my office to check if these purchases are legitimate."

A case at hand, Mr IMIM pointed out, was yesterday's illegal gathering of Trifamers at a local bicycle establishment. Several bicycles of the same make and model were bought without much thought into it. Owner Mr. Teh Rek Noor Lokgee explained," These buggers, they come into my shop. Some never ask questions, straightaway buy the first road bike or tri bike they see. I try to tell them tricycle and tri bike are different, but they still go ahead and buy tri bike. You think it is good business? Of course good for Singapore economy lah! For me it is not easy to assemble all the bicycles in such short notice! Usually my customers will come in look see, look see. They will think twice if my bicycle is too expensive for them. They think long long. The longer they think, the more time I can think about my next holiday in Batam after they buy the expensive bike. But this Trifam group come into my shop and then buy so many Trek 1000 bicycles! WHere got time to call my girlfriends in Batam that I don't have time to see them this weekend? Then some also want to modify their Trek 1000. Aerobar lah, Zipp wheels lah, carbon fork lah. Mana boleh tahan?"

Apparently, Mr Lokgee's shop is not the only victim of an increase in sales during this festive period. The Salomon shop at Suntec City is also facing a "tremendous human tsunami made up of Trifam groups". Reporters were unable to get to the counter staff due to massive onslaught of customers at the shop.


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