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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tech Glitches Delay Live Video Feeds, ecaep_j Stands In Instead

Boundary Road, Singapore - The lack of technology in the forum has forced the manual use of animated text gesturing as visual stimuli for fellow trifamers in their efforts to use their brains more frequently. At the forefront of this breakthrough in awakening the synapses of triathletes is Dr. ecaep_j, whose name is impossible to pronounce in any known human language, existent or extinct.

While Dr. ecaep_j cannot be reached for comment on her discovery, trifamers would be happy to know that they would soon be able to visualize the actions of all members of the forum. A sampling of what might happen between 2 members on a typical day is shown:

A: hello B! *waves hand frantically*
B: oh hello A! *jumps up and down excitedly, then falls off chair*
A: Hey, are you okay? *shows concerned face*
B: I'm okay lah, it was just a figure of speech. *sneers A for being conned into thinking I fell of chair*

The possibilities of this breakthrough is endless. Future races will be commentated using such advancements in visual imagination. However, at least a Windows CE palm top is required to be mounted on bicycles for live feeds.


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