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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Indahum Stands In For Wrong Marathon Runner

Simei, Singapore - A visibly disturbed Indahum was seen cussing and swearing at local strays after leaving the local Singapore Pools outlet at Simei.

"I ran for the wrong person! (expletives censored for general public) I should have ran for the person who is standing behind Choonwei in the registration line!" Indahum was heard screaming at a helpless cockroach while it scurried back into the longkang.

Reporters picked up a crumpled piece of 4D Winnings paper which Indahum threw in a fit of anger. It read "4471". A check with the Standard Chartered Marathon Authorities revealed that Choonwei's tag number was "4470".

"I will be back!", Indahum told reporters as he clutched his Lianhe Wanbao and marched back home in his singlet, shorts and slippers.


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