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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gruesome Find in Sengkang, Police Suspect Illegal Trifam Activities

Sengkang, Singapore - Local police were yesterday called to the scene of a gruesome find along a long stretch of road bordering Sengkang estate. A spokesman from the Singapore Police Farce said that nicely-cut body parts were strewn along a 5.5km loop surrounding the developing new town. It is unknown to whom the parts belong to but Police suspect that it belongs to a Trifam member who keeps getting 'qie-ed' (cut) by fellow team mates while biking and possibly even running.

Meanwhile, it is also known that a certain Trifam member is designing a 'No Qie' sign for newbies with brand new bikes. It is however unclear if the two incidences are related to each other.


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