(Almost) everything that goes on in this pseudo-dysfunctional multi-sports community as told by Engineermunn, who happens to be part of this dysfunctional community as well.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Comments from Nemo and Soloist Opens Can of Worms

Tampines North, Singapore - Recent developments in the literary scene within the Trifam community has seen a upward trend in interest over the possibility of a Trifam magazine. First mooted by Soloist and then backed up by his liberal compatriot, Nemo, comments were rife when news broke out about the retirement of Mythos from the endurance sports scene.

Observers have noted that the magazine would be a good idea for the ever-increasing club but are skeptical if it would be sustainable. Conservative experts also say that this would actually have a negative impact on the community. "It creates a phobia amongst writers to 'shine'. Having a Trifam magazine would actually stifle the creativity of budding writers within the community. It is better to concentrate on what Trifam is all about, and that is to train and have fun doing multisports activities," a spokesperson from Triathletes Against Writing (TAW) said. "Writing in the forum is good enough and there is freedom of speech. The notion of a magazine or any published article is a turn-off."

The news has also affected Engineermunn badly, forcing him to seek political and literary asylum. Intelligence agencies have not been able to contact Engineermunn but he is believed to be hiding in the confines of his toilet. Reports from his doctor state that Engineermunn is suffering from a severe bout of 'stomach upset'.

Meanwhile, the authenticity of news regarding Mythos' retirement is under heavy scrutiny. Mythos has come out of his shell claiming, "This is all nonsense! I will never quit!". Psychologists from IMH were called in to verify his sanity. "I will also challenge IMIM and Edkor! If I quit, they better carry out what they said they would do!" Mythos proclaimed as he was fitted into a straightjacket for further tests.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mythos To Retire Early From Endurance Sports, Shock Disclosure By Sengkang Resident

Sengkang, Singapore - Following reports of his team-mate's strategy for the 2006 season, Mythos made a shocking press release of his early retirement from the multi-sport scene. "I will quit training altogether. I have competed and completed too many races for 2005. I am satisfied with my peak performance", said Mythos, who is also known as David in the non-sporting scene.

Reporters probed if his early retirement was due to a nagging injury, of which Mythos replied,"My hamstring has been bothering me since Day One. I've seen so many doctors, sinsehs, massage parlours, aunties, uncles, small boys and girls for their advice but nothing seems to be working. Something is not right. I should just listen to my body and quit the sport altogether."During the press release statement, fans of Mythos were rooting for him to make a comeback scene in the likes of Michael Jordan who left the Chicago Bulls, only to return to the NBA scene soonafter. A fan with a large tube of sunblock was heard quoting,"I think he will return to race. Mythos has been my idol since the New Balance Aquathlon. We have the same name, you know?"

His team-mates were equally surprised at the shock announcement. Edkor was nonetheless suffering from initial shock,"Now when I jump, I don't know who will jump with me." as rap tunes from KrisKros was playing in the background. "But I think I can convince him to return to the sport".

Sports critics are viewing this as a wise strategy of Mythos, and are not ruling out that Mythos will return in a matter of 2 months with a new name. "He might return as Myfingers, Mynails, or Myhum", a spokesman was heard saying. Doctors were unable to be reached for comment as most of them have given up telling Mythos about his hamstring problem.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Engineermunn Announces Plans for His 2006 Season

Upper Thomson, Singapore - After completing his first half marathon at the annual Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon yesterday, Engineermunn has announced that his 'professional' races in the 2006 season would consist of mostly half marathons and Olympic distance triathlons.

"I am on track with my progressive and incremental distances when I race. I started off with the 10km distance in 2004. This year, it was mainly sprints and then the penultimate half marathon yesterday. I have achieved what I had set out when I first began in this endurance endeavour", Engineermunn told the Trifam Times. "I might throw in a half ironman distance sometime towards the end of the year, in line with achieving my Ironman dreams in 2007 or 2008", reassured Engineermunn who was quelling rumours from a certain media celebrity that he did not 'look like an Ironman'.

Newbies have been rejoicing at this piece of news as they have recently been feeling very intimidated by the very rapid and sometimes crazy races that members of Trifam are embarking on. One of the members who only wants to be identified as Seng Chiow said, "Lucky I now can train properly. All those guys say jump means jump. I cannot lah. Must train properly. I still want to enjoy my races. Now, Engineermunn decide to do half marathons, I can still tahan lah. We will not run lonely anymore!"

When asked why he wants to just concentrate on half marathons, Engineermunn said that he would like to know that he can improve on his 21.1km distances first before taking the big leap, adding that his motto has always been "Slow and Steady, Everything in Moderation". "I know when I'll be ready for a full distance in the sanest of ways. Don't worry, I'll get there." Engineermunn reassured his rousing fans from Phillips, Toyomi and KDK.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Memoirs of a SC Half Marathoner

The day started out really humid. I was wondering to myself that the cloud cover was indeed thick and motionless at the ungodly hours of 5am. Climatic conditions were very unlike the 5am Sengkang training runs we had prior to race day. There was no wind at all, not even the reassuring breeze or a cool whiff of welcome respite. My initial race strategy was to carry my camelbak with my ipod nano. Alas, my nano screwed up on me. I have been doing my training runs with my nano and I even set up playlists for 5km runs, 10km runs and my half marathon. But it has got to be TODAY that my nano had to crash. The nano just didn't want to run with me on this day. Although I felt dejected, I knew I couldn't let this chance of running the half just because of a rotten Apple. I set off for the race site with heavy feet. No kidding, the lightweight New Balance 901 shoes didn't help at all. I decided against the camelbak as well which on hindsight was a wise decision as the water support was excellent.

The full marathon was off at 6am. I was just focusing on my Half. At 0620 hrs, I followed the masses to the starting pens like sheep to slaughter. The starting boom at 0630 hrs was accompanied by " The Final Countdown" and a single lightning bolt in the distance. The bolt sent the masses woo-ing and wow-ing. I bet some runners were hoping that the weather would turn alittle bit cooler.

The rotten Apple made me decide to change my pacing strategy by incorporating alternative psychological boosts. Without the sounds of U2, military cadence and Chariots of Fire, I ran on the right-most side of the route so I could keep a lookout for fellow Trifamers attempting their marathon feat. I caught glimpses of Ben Wee, David Lim, Coconut, Yew, Bklew, IMIM, Tricia, Mythos, Francis, Kenneth, etc. I thought to myself that at least I could keep my mind busy trying to identify our Trifam Crazy Horses with balloons tied to their waists. Don't they even know the concept of drag? Gee whiz.

My first 10km was a breeze and I managed a personal best of 1hr. I thought if I continued at this pace, I could really 'smell' my sub-2 hour target if only I put in that little bit of effort. And then I had this urge to answer nature's call. I was running along like a dog and searching for suitable places to 'mark my scent'. The civilised part of me told me to use the toilet which on hindsight was a terrible decision this time because it took a good 7 minutes and my momentum away! Now I knew what accumulated time wastage is all about! Ergh!Second part of the Half saw me engaging my other strategy of run-walk-run-walk. I told myself that if I had to walk, I would walk at a pace of 7kmph or more. Thanks to my RS200sd, I could maintain my pace at comfy speed. But no thanks to my RS200sd, I was somehow reading someone else's heart rate. Either that, or I think I have 2 hearts because my max HR was 102%!Screw the heart rate monitoring. So I was relying on listening to my own body and on my pacing to keep me in check.I planned to approach our glorious Supreme City Hall steps by picking up pace towards the finishing line. Baaaaasket...... my left leg cramped up at the last 40m. Dammit. Nevermind, I pushed on with mental recordings of Chariots of Fire. I came in at 2 hours 32 min. Dismal timing but satisfied that I am in check with my incremental running distances (last year 10km, this year half marathon, next year full).Now the big question: What to do with the rotten Apple? Anyone?